Trade In Agreement
Terms & Conditions

By trading-in your Used Device, "You" (or “Your”), the Customer, are entering into a binding agreement with Valutech Outsourcing, LLC dba Reconext (“RECONEXT”), the Trade-In vendor for Sony Electronics Inc., (the “Trade-In Agreement”), and You:

1. Represent and warrant that You are free to enter into this Trade In Agreement.

2. Represent and warrant that You have sole and rightful owner of the Used Device being traded-in, that You are not trading-in a lost or stolen device and that the device is free from any liens or claims by third parties.

3. Acknowledge and understand that You are selling the Used Device in consideration for the Trade-In value in the Quote and that by accepting the Trade-In value, You are giving up full ownership rights to the Used Device upon receipt of the Used Device by RECONEXT.

4. Acknowledge and agree that, in the event, that the Used Device is a different make, model and/or condition upon receipt by RECONEXT, RECONEXT will value the Used Device based on the same criteria that was listed on the Trade-In Site on the date the Quote was issued to You (“Verified Value”). You acknowledge and agree that the Verified Value may be more than, less than or of no value compared to what was conveyed to You in the Quote.

5. Will provide Your username for Your PayPal account for payment of Your Credit for the trade in.

6. Acknowledge and agree that the Quote shall expire 30 calendar days after the date of the Quote, at which time if RECONEXT has not received the Used Device, then the value will be recalculated based upon the Verified Value and the then-current list price on the Trade-In Site for the applicable Used Device established at the time of receipt of the Used Device. Please ensure that RECONEXT has received the Used Device within 30 days of the Quote date.

7. Acknowledge and understand that this transaction is FINAL, NON-REFUNDABLE AND THE USED DEVICE, UPON RECEIPT BY RECONEXT, IS NON-RETURNABLE.

8. Acknowledge and agree that You are responsible for the removal of all personal information and data on the Used Device before You mail the Used Device to RECONEXT. Neither Sony nor RECONEXT, nor each of their parents, affiliates, agents, employees, suppliers and/or vendors, are responsible for removing personal, confidential, and/or sensitive information and/or data (collectively “Data”) from Your Used Device and cannot guarantee that Data left on Your Used Device will be completely deleted.

9. To protect Your privacy, before trading up Your Used Device You acknowledge that You:

  1. Erased Your contacts, calendar, photos, messages, call history, email, text messages, videos, web browsing history and any other personal, confidential or sensitive stored information and all Data from Your Used Device;
  2. Removed the SIM card and memory card, if applicable, from the Used Device and that a factory reset of the Used Device has been performed before trading in and mailing the Used Device to RECONEXT; and
  3. Deactivated all services to Your Used Device.

If You fail to remove all Data from Your Used Device, neither Sony, RECONEXT, nor each of their parents, affiliates, agents, employees, suppliers, and/or vendors, are responsible and/or liable to You for any loss and/or damages that You may suffer if Data left on Your Used Device is lost or accessed.

10. Acknowledge and understand that You are responsible for deactivating the Used Device, retiring any outstanding balances, and that any service charges on the Used Device following the Trade In date are You sole responsibility.

11. Acknowledge and understand that information You provide in connection with the Trade In, including Your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and ESN/IMEI/MEID may be shared by RECONEXT with Sony Electronics Inc. solely in connection for processing the Trade-In transaction.

12. Acknowledge that You have been advised of any return policy regarding the purchase of a new handset or accessory with the Trade-In Value and Trade-In Value including any applicable restocking fee.

13. By trading in Your Used Device, You acknowledge the acceptance of these Trade-In Program Terms and Conditions.